Alternative Valentines Gifts For The ‘Techy’ In Your Life

It’s that time of year again, and for most people it involves roses, chocolates, jewellery, flowers, maybe some perfume… (Zzzz!)

Valentines day can be so predictable. If you’re sick of buying the same generic gifts for your loved one, just imagine how they feel receiving them. Why not mix it up a bit and buy them something they’ll really appreciate? If your significant other loves all things tech, one of these gifts could be perfect for them.


Personalised Voice Or Song Sound Wave Print – £32.95 (

Did you know that every person has their own unique sound wave, even when saying the same words? So, why not create a personalised sound wave print and give it to your loved one? It could be a message straight from the heart or a song that means a lot to both of you. Just record a sound and send it to be analysed and transformed into an irreplaceable piece of art. Not only is it really unique and personal, it looks exceptionally trendy on anyone’s wall.


Retro Gaming System – £79.99 (

If your beloved is a bit of a gamer, and has a love for the past. They’ll love this Retro Gaming System. It will allow them to re-live their youth and play the old classics from not one console, not even two, but three consoles.  The breakthrough Super Retro Trio 3 in 1 allows you to play most of your old favourites in one system. That’s Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis/Megadrive. What a great gift!


Bear Grylls Survival Kit

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit – £38.67 (Amazon)

One for the boys is this Ultimate Survival Kit. Everybody loves Bear Grylls, and the men in our lives like feeling as though they’re prepared for anything. The women in their lives also like to make sure they don’t kill themselves while on various outdoor adventures. It’s a win-win.


Wireless TV Headphones – £49.99 (Argos)

This gift is for the nights when you’re sleepy and your partner wants to watch some more TV, as these Wireless TV headphones connect to the TV Wirelessly, (of course.) They’ll end the “turn down the TV” arguments and show that you really do care about their needs, (as well as your own.)


Sleep Therapy Mask – £31.01 (Amazon)

Give them something they’ll truly appreciate – the gift of sleep. This Therapy mask not only reduces the amount of light in the room, but also gives off a blue glow that is supposed to reduce stress and evoke a feeling of calm to help them drift off. If they’ve been complaining about tiredness or lack of sleep, then a thoughtful gift like this will be thoroughly enjoyed.


Amazon Kindle E-reader – £59.00 (Boots)

Great for the avid reader, as you can download thousands of books on these things. On the newer kindles you can also browse the web, play games and listen to music. They’re more expensive though, so if there’s no need for the extras, stick to the original. This one will allow them to indulge their love of reading without interruptions such as e-mail alerts and push notifications.


Opening Ceromony’s ‘Mica Smart Bracelet.’ – £329.42 (Barneys, New York)

This bracelet is pretty special, but unfortunately it also comes with a hefty price tag. This is the first bracelet to fuse luxury jewellery with wearable tech. Featuring vaguely precious stones as well as a 1.5-inch sapphire touch screen. It doesn’t require connection with a phone, it has a two year service plan which allows you to send text messages, and use all your online social and calendar apps. It also allows you to send a range of pre-set messages to key contacts. Finally, a “techsessory” that’s fashionable as well as functional, (just maybe not affordable for everyone.)


‘I love you more than I love video games’ Gift Basket – £26.61 (

So, this is not technically tech, but it is video-game related, and we’re sure that the recipient would absolutely love it. Just think of all the video gaming points you will earn fore them when you buy them the “I love You Even More Than I Love Video Games” gift basket. Featuring Pac-man and Tetris candy, Zelda mints, Sonic sours and more.