8 Reasons Why Msn Messenger Was Pretty Great In Its Time

Now that MSN is a distant memory, we can’t help but feel a little sad. We loved it, and if you’re anything like us, every now and then you get a wave of nostalgia about the time you had together. It was so exciting when the little box popped up with a “buluble” sound, indicating your crush or favourite person had signed on.

Just think of all the things that annoy you about facebook. You didn’t get any of that with MSN. That being said, we’re not here to put down facebook, (although it may seem that way.) we’re here to remember a great Instant Messaging service that chose to quietly fade into the background.

Here’s why we think MSN was pretty great in its time:

Provided a more personal experience

Somehow MSN felt more personal and sacred, because there were no smart phones back then, so you had to wait until you got home before you could talk to yourmsn-messenger-3 friends. You didn’t put everything on show for all the world to see either. It was just you and your fave’s in that little box. A more one-to-one experience was had on MSN, and relationships were built with the most unlikely of people.

Made us more romantic

Who remembers the butterflies they got when their crush signed in online? It was the best feeling ever. The cutest part was waiting for the other one to message you first. Oh, and typing their name followed by love hearts as your screen name, or if you didn’t want to be too obvious, you’d use song lyrics to indicate your situation. Hours were spent talking into the night, and then the next day at school you’d be too shy to say anything.

Spent more time talking than spying and liking

Yes, MSN was the first to allow you to display how you were feeling, but that was to encourage others to talk to you. Social media these days is making us lazy and in fact, it could be argued, less social. Instead of talking to people, you like their status or share things. You definitely spend less time talking than you used to do on MSN. You used to spend hours upon hours chatting with friends, and often stayed up way passed your bedtime. Most of the time spent on facebook now is either spying on people or updating your status.

Creative names and “share what I’m listening to”

Although there was no status as such, you could change your screen name as often as you liked, and boy were we create with it. From deep and meaningful song lyrics, to crazy designs made with symbols,  it sure as hell was better than “I’m just having a cup of tea and watching Coronation street”. When it changed to ‘Windows Live Messenger’ you could also change the font and colour msn-namesof your text and box, which we were so excited about.

MSN was also the first to allow people to see what you were listening to. This allowed people to pretend they were much cooler than they actually were. Bonus!

Easy to multi-task (or pretend you’re working)

Because MSN was actually installed onto your computer and appeared on your desktop, you could do a lot of things at the same time. It made our time spent online a lot more productive, even if what we were doing was finding cool screen names to copy and paste.

It was also easy to pretend you were doing your homework or something equally as important. When your Mum came in the room, you’d quickly minimise and employ your best concentrating face.

Creative ways of getting attention

MSN was so good for being sneaky because you could say exactly what you thought to a person, and then simply say, “Sorry, wrong convo” (talk about passive-aggressive.) You could also msnindirectly tell somebody you liked them using this method. Although, sometimes it really was an accident.

MSN also made it fun to annoy people by nudging them if you thought they were ignoring you, or getting their attention by signing in and out. Well, it’s more fun than writing an ambiguous status and waiting for people to type, “Are you okay?” or “what’s wrong?”

No unwanted rubbish on your newsfeed (because you didn’t have a newsfeed)

There was no news feed on MSN, which meant that you actually had to talk to the person if you wanted to know how they were or what they were up to. We tended to keep a lot of ourselves private back then too, only disclosing to those who asked. We didn’t divulge every bit of our lives to the masses like we do on facebook.

We also didn’t have gross images and pictures clogging up our news feed, well because we didn’t have a news feed. There was nothing unnecessary and that was fine with us.

We were happier and more excited about little things

When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to get home and see who was online. Now, the novelty of instant messaging has worn off, especially now we can access it at any time. In fact it’s probably more of an annoyance to constantly receive notifications when we’re busy doing other, more exciting stuff. We were excited for certain people to come online, and happier to use it because it wasn’t constantly there.

We may have moved on, but we’ll never forget one of the first of its kind – MSN Messenger