7 Vintage Tech Gadgets We All Know And Loved

While we all look forward to the latest advancements in technology, it’s important to remember our humble roots. After all, technically (and maybe emotionally) we wouldn’t be where we are now, if it wasn’t for those gadgets.

There’s just something about old-fashioned technology that people love. It could be the waves of nostalgia it provides us with, but somehow vintage tech has become cool – you only have to look on ebay to see how much record players are going for. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about some of the most loved and well-remembered technology through the ages.

Tape Cassettes

Ancestor to the great Compact Disc, and more recently the MP3, was the Tape Cassette. Most people have their own specific memories of these, but many will consist of taping the top 40 off the radio on a Sunday (making sure you stopped it when Dr Fox started speaking) and making your friends or loved ones mixed tapes of your favourite songs. The thing about tapes was that you could record over the top of existing recordings, which made it so much more fun. Did anyone ever record their own radio show? No? Just us?!

Nintendo Game Boy

People are beginning to worry about the affect i phones are having on our posture. All this looking down is not doing us any good they say, but why are they just now starting to worry? Do they not remember Game Boys? Many hours were spent staring down at that tiny pixelated screen, playing games like Tetris, Pokemon and Mario. Nintendo Gameboy re-invented the concept of handheld gaming and this year is its 25th anniversary. The Game Boy was great because you could take it anywhere and it could last for hours and hours on just 4 AA batteries, and when it came in colour, our minds were blown.

Record Players

Turntables have definitely come back in fashion with a bang. We just love the crackling sound that record players give off, not to mention how gorgeously vintage they look.  There are just so many amazing aspects and benefits to listening to and collecting vinyl records for both the consumer and music industry as a whole. Not only this, but one does not simply listen to vinyl records, there is also bigger, better artwork to study, which makes for a more personal and three dimensional experience.

Polaroid Cameras

Everybody loves a Polaroid camera, and like record players, they have come back around again. Not quite as popular, but they’re still very cute and novel. Not quite as practical as your standard digital camera but they were great for taking instant pics, ready to stick on your wall or in your journal. We couldn’t get enough of them.

Multi-disc CD Players

Multi-disc CD players were an absolute god send to everyone who wanted to play more than one album in one sitting. It was so exciting when we got this for Christmas or a birthday. It meant that we were able to choose from 3 albums worth of songs. It was the best thing since sliced bread, and everybody wanted to throw a party just so they could use the shuffle mode and blow everyone’s minds.

Nintendo 64

Nintendo have a lot to answer for in making our childhoods absolutely wonderful. The N64 might not have had the best graphics in the world but at the time it was the bees knees. The N64 era of gaming is probably our favourite, as it was the time when a lot of good Mario games took off in a big way. There was also something about them huge controllers that made you feel nintendo 64in control, even if sometimes they would get slung across the room in a fit of rage. They were certainly built to withstand the inevitable anyway.


Ahhh Tamagotchi – the ultimate childhood toy. It was kind of like the Sims in a way and it was the worst thing ever if your virtual pet died – not because you’d lost something you loved, but because you had to reset it and then spend ages deciding on which pet you want next. Tamagotchi’s were everywhere and we loved taking care of them, but then schools took notice of the distracting toys and banned them. Booo!