7 Tech Innovations Designed To Bring Us Closer Together

Many people feel that Valentine’s day is a bit of a rip-off, and that could be true. However, it also injects a little spice into the relationships of many others. In fact, Valentine’s day is probably a love booster for lots of people who’s partners are a little lacking in the love and affection department.

But what about the rest of the year? And those who have long distance relationships? We thought we’d take a look  to see if there are any interesting tech products that help bring loved ones closer together for more than just one day, no matter where you are.

TapTap-Touch-Communication-WristbandThe Taptap Wristband

The ‘Taptap wristbands’ come as a pair – one for each of you. The wristbands will allow you to create a secret place available for you to be intimate with your partner without anyone knowing, no matter how far away you are from each other. You are able to feel each other’s presence and let your tap-mate know that you’re thinking about them by simply tapping on your bracelet. You could even create your own secret language; 3 taps for “I love you”, 1 tap for “I’m thinking of you”. This device is not only for couples either – friends and family can use it to keep in touch across the miles.

The Kahnoodle App

Sometimes it is useful to be given a nudge in the right direction regarding romantic things; like a poke in the gut, or the vibration of your phone for instance. This app can help you with that. It’s actually a game for you and your partner to play, in which you give your partner points for doing good things or making you happy. The more kind things you do for your partner, the fuller your ‘love tank’ becomes. The app will even send you push notifications reminding you to ‘give an affectionate touch’, ‘surprise them’, ‘buy a gift’ or even initiate sex. This could work wonders for anyone’s relationship.

kissengerThe Kissenger

The ‘Kissenger’ app has been designed to help couples and families across the miles who want to share the experience of a kiss with their loved ones. They will need the other part of the Kissenger device for it to work, but all you have to do is kiss the lips and the kiss will be transferred in real-time to the receiving device. They will then kiss their own devices lips and feel the kiss sensation that should be an exact replica of the shape and motion of the sender’s lips. Sounds a bit weird to us.

The Twxyt App

‘Twxyt’ is a personal messenger service for couples to share content, reminders, photos, lists and sweet nothings. They claim that the app is the opposite of snapchat, saying that they provide a kind of keepsake/memory box service where they keep all your interactions, so you can look back on them in the future. There are all sorts of fun interactions you can do too, such as freeze the screen if something they’ve done or said has annoyed you. It’s then up to him or her to “break the ice” and get back in your good books. You can also send them a cheeky spank, and if you both touch the Twxyt logo at the same time, you can share a kiss. Twxyt is a really cute app that lets you create your own little virtual world – just you and yours.

Durex Funderwefundawearar

Move over sexting, there’s an interesting new way to combine technology and sex. Durex has developed ‘Funderwear’ – a vibrating pair of underpants that can be activated from your phone. This is sure to help long distance lovers aid those lonely nights or even just inject an element of fun into your love life. Each person puts on the underwear and drags their finger tips across a body diagram on their iphones. Their partner will feel every touch in the form of a vibration. (Oo-er) Unfortunately it’s not available to buy right now as it’s still a “durexperiment.”

The Fix-A-Fight App

Every couple fights, it’s only natural, but the ‘fix a fight’ app allows you to recover from those fights quicker than ever before, and can even help to strengthen your relationship. The app helps each partner address pin point exactly how they are feeling and helps to bring the couple back together with helpful exercises.

The Hug shirt TMHug-Shirt

Kind of like the Kissenger, ‘The Hug Shirt’ lets you share hugs over a distance. There are hidden sensors in the shirt that detect pressure, location and duration of touch, even the emotion of the hug of a distant loved one. Your smart phone delivers the hug data to your loved one’s smart phone and the hug is then transmitted via Bluetooth to his or her Hug shirt. Apparently, it’s just as easy as sending a text message, just a tad bit creepier.