7 Of The Most Popular Passwords That Prove We’re Terrible At Choosing Passwords

The value of passwords is often forgotten. We tend to settle for something obvious and easily memorable when selecting a password – even for the most private information like bank accounts. It may be easier in the short-term but these generic passwords can potentially be an invite to hackers, threatening the safety of your most sensitive details.

It is worth keeping in mind what are the most popular passwords and avoiding them to ensure your digital information is kept safe. In a recently published book by data journalist, designer and author David McCandless titled Knowledge Is Beautiful, he has compiled the 500 most popular as an easily digestible infographic.

The infographic reveals how strange, surprising and clueless our choices of passwords can sometimes be. Here are some of the ones that really made us want to bang our head against the keyboard:

1. gandalf

“You shall not pass,” is the iconic line spoken by Gandalf in The Lord Of The Rings. However, if you select him as your password, it could not be further from the truth. One of the most common passwords in the world, you are practically inviting people to pass.

2. biteme

‘bite me’ is one of the most common choices of password in the world; presumably because it’s a suitably hostile response to being asked to input your password over and over again.

3. password

The most commonly used password on the internet is, well, ‘password’. You certainly have to be lacking in the creativity department to use this one, and it’s also the least secure  you could possibly choose to keep hackers from your sensitive information. Please, do us all a favour and think of something, anything, a little more unique.

4. qwerty

It doesn’t quite overtake ‘password’ in terms of unimaginative password choices, but ‘qwerty’ does still come incredibly close. Simply selecting the top six letters from the keyword – as opposed to even the most basic passwords like a spouse’s middle name, former school or first pet – is so obvious it puts you at risk of hacks and attacks.

5. asdfasdf

And this one is hardly much better. It seems the reasoning behind this password is: ‘well, qwerty is an obvious one so let’s just apply the same concept to the row of letters below it’. It’s not exactly a secure method of thinking, and its place high in the most popular 500 passwords confirms that.

6. therock

We’re absolutely certain if you had the actual Rock, Mr. Dwayne Johnson himself, stood between your private account details and any people threatening to hack it then no-one would get near. But in the cyberspace The Rock can’t protect you. The Fast And Furious star’s name is one of the most overused on the internet.

7. whatever

You have to be really apathetic to use this one as a password; to be prompted to enter a password that will secure you account and simply type ‘whatever’. If you ever needed proof that laziness is not a virtue then let this be it; using ‘whatever’ as your password makes you far more susceptible to attacks.