The 6 Best UK Tech Deals For Black Friday Weekend

Shoppers up and down the United Kingdom are being whipped into a frenzy by Black Friday weekend. A US event which officially marks the beginning of the Christmas sales – beginning the day after the Thanksgiving holiday – it’s a weekend in which many of the major retailers slash their prices. Black Friday weekend has spread to our shores in a way that few predicted. Supermarkets are heaving with customers looking to snap up the best deals they can and websites are already reporting record-breaking sales.

If you have your heart set on a tech item for yourself or a loved one this Christmas, there is no better time to purchase it than today. We have taken a look at where you can find the best deals on some of the most popular tech items this Black Friday. You can find our list below:

iPad Mini

The retailer John Lewis has slashed an enormous amount of money off its selection of iPad Minis. Apple’s popular tablet has been reduced at their stores and on their website by £50. This means that Apple fanatics who want to get their hand on a tablet will only be paying £149 for the tech device. Visit the John Lewis website and get your hands on one while stocks last.

Sony Playstation 4

Console gamers who have their eye on the latest generation of Sony‘s console, Playstation 4, will want to head over to Rakuten as soon as possible this weekend. Normally priced at around £320, the console is being advertised on their website at just £300 with 500gb of memory.

iPhone 6

The online auction site eBay are knocking 14 per cent off the prices of their iPhone 6 Plus handsets. They have been reduced from the RRP of £619.99 to just £529.99. The phones will be delivered unlocked and will come with 16GB of memory. At the time of writing, 40 of the phones have been sold, so don’t hesitate to get your hands on one before the weekend is done.


LG G Watch

Even Google have gotten in on the Black Friday weekend fever. For a limited time only – you will have to be ultra quick with this one – they are selling an LG G Watch for just £79. This is a huge saving on the RRP of around £120 to £130. If it has sold out by the time you make it onto the Google Play page, you can still get a discount on some other stuff though, such as one third off their Chromecast media streaming adapter which is currently £20.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pros are one of the most acclaimed types of laptop that customers can purchase. However, they have often been felt to be overpriced – especially in comparison to what some manufacturers are charging. Stormfront have you covered this Black Friday though with £300 off the 15 inch Macbook Pros and £200 off the 13 inch ones. You can even pick up £30 worth of the iTunes credit for get yourself started at just £25. The deal is only applicable in stores.

iPhone 5 Contact

Until December 1st, EE customers have a fantastic deal on the iPhone 5s. You can get the handset from the network’s website at just £9.99 upfront. On a £33.99 per month plan, you will be given 1000 minutes of phone calls, 2GB of data and unlimited text messaging. A similar deal also exists for the iPhone 5C which comes with the same features at just £24.99 per month.