5 Apps That Will Make Christmas Deliveries Easier

Sending or waiting for deliveries can be a real hassle, and often quite stressful. Especially at Christmas when you’re ordering a tonne of Christmas gifts, and sending out Christmas cards and presents.

It’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve bought or plan to send. You want to make sure you’re in on the day of delivery, that your loved ones receive their presents on time, and more importantly, that you don’t forget anyone. Not only this, but you have to weigh up postage costs and print out labels; as well as buy your stamps.

It can be a real pain in the neck, but what if we told you that you could make it easier, and much less stressful for yourself just by utilizing your smart phone. Take a look at these apps and services that could make deliveries less of a pain, and more of a pleasure.

Parcel Tracking

Did you know that online companies send emails when your item has been dispatched? Of course you did. They also allow you to track your item online, and sometimes they even let you know the day of delivery. However, to do this you have to go to your email, find the dispatch email from the store you ordered from, open it and click on track, and then you might have to put in your order number. It’s a quite a long process and ‘ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat’.

However, these days some stores have employed tracking apps that allow you to see where and what your package is up to on its travels. It works when you send your own parcel, too. Giving you piece of mind as you relax on the sofa with a cup of tea. One particular app called ‘Parcel – Delivery Tracking’ let’s you access up to 240 delivery services, including Parcelforce, Interlink Express and Yodel. Perfect if you’re expecting deliveries from multiple companies.

Label Printing

Christmas card sending is a serious business. There’s nothing worse than receiving a card from someone you’ve not sent a card to, but how can you keep track of them all?

This list management and label printing app named ‘myCardlists’ allows you to put in the addresses of your contacts. It delivers an extremely effective way to manage card lists, giving you the ability to easily compose lists from your Contacts, and keep track of the cards you’ve received and those you’ve sent.

Also, when sending parcels or valuable cards, it’s important to put your address as the return address, just in case something goes wrong and it gets lost. However, writing your address on multiple cards can eat up your valuable time, and if you’re handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, it could end up being a problem, especially if you plan to send quite a few.

Fortunately, this app also allows you to print off as many labels as you like. Don’t you just love it when things are made simple.

Postage Calculator

If you’re sending parcels, or even selling unwanted gifts on ebay (Shh!), you’ll need to know the postage cost. So, you can either take it to the post office and they’ll weigh it for you, or you can faff about with a ruler and scale, and then check your delivery company’s website.

Alternatively, you could download this ‘UK Postage Calculator’ app, select a destination, size, weight and speed of delivery, and immediately receive a postage price for your item – your choice.

Gift Planner

It really is hard to keep track of everything you’ve ordered, and all the people you need to buy for. Notes on paper always get lost, thrown away or stuck at the bottom of a bag somewhere.  That’s why you should download an organiser app, to help you keep a list of items you’re still waiting for, and parcels you need to buy and send.

‘Giftplanner’ is a great app for this, as it lets you easily keep track of your gift list and events. It also keeps your gift plan information, including gifts and ideas, stores and prices, purchase statuses and order and tracking numbers. This app could be a real life saver this Christmas.

Personalised Stamps

Who said parcels and packaging had to be boring. Royal Mail has designed this ‘Royal Mail Smiler’ app specifically for personalising your stamps. Just add your favourite photos to your mail by combining them with an official Royal Mail stamp from their Smilers range.

You can then send your parcel or card, along with a little injection of fun – sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.