5 Apps Your Kids Must Have This Christmas

Mistletoe, wine and… apps?

The most wonderful time of the year is here. The decorations are up, the lights are on, and the shops are crammed with frustrated buyers. To celebrate, developers have been putting together a number of themed smartphone and tablet apps just in time for Christmas. But which are the best? Here are five favourites for your electronic stocking that are sure to provide the little ‘uns with some festive joy:

05. Glow Tunes

Decorating the tree with baubles and illuminations is the universal sign that Christmas has begun. Now, Happy Studios have created a fun way to do it via smartphone and tablet, and you don’t even have to vacuum up afterwards. Their latest app Glow Tunes gives you a blank pine tree and all the colours you might need to make it bright, lively and festive. As you garnish the tree, being as creative as you would like, you can also listen to some catchy festive music and add a backdrop of snowfall to get you in the mood.

04. Angry Birds Seasons

The latest update to Rovio Entertainment’s world-dominating game gives Angry Birds a frosty festive backdrop. Angry Birds Seasons, which previously had Halloween and Valentine’s Day themed puzzles, now includes a handful of Christmas levels named ‘Arctic Eggspedition’. In this edition, the evil pigs are dressed in whimsical Santa attire, obstacles are wrapped like presents and it comes with a festive original soundtrack. There will be one new challenge released every day from December 1st until December 25th.


03. Where’s Santa?

As Christmas approaches Where’s Santa? allows smartphone and tablet users to track Father Christmas’ location and tell them exactly what he’s up to, a bit like a jollier version of the NSA. The game, developed independently by Gareth Vaughan, has been praised for both igniting the imaginations of its young users and being an educational tool that teaches children about geography. The app also has plenty of fun games and features to keep you amused including puzzles, an animated advert calendar and a finger scanner that can assess whether you have been naughty or nice.

02. Santa’s Magic Phone

Santa’s Magic Phone gives your kids the chance to chat with Santa Claus himself directly from the North Pole. To start, you enter your child’s name and whether they have been naughty or nice. Santa will then either call your iPhone or send a text message for your youngster based on this information. The message is simulated through the app based on a series of algorithms and won’t cost you a penny. Parents also have a secure password-locked area to input these details and store the call to share with friends or family.


01. Santa’s Village

In the same vein as the immensely popular FarmVille and The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Santa’s Village is a seasonal game which challenges you to build the North Pole before the big day arrives. The colourful civilisation building game was developed by Galaxy Pest Control who were responsible for Power Rangers Legends and Run Monkey Run. To begin, players must build houses for elves to live in. The elves then need workshops to build toys. The more toys you build in these workshops, the more bells you earn to unlocks bigger and better toys. Watch out for Grumpkins though who seek to ruin the fun. It’s easy to get lost for hours on end with a plethora of upgrades to unlock and challenges to complete guaranteeing Santa’s Village will keep you hooked right through the season. You won’t even want to put it down for Christmas dinner.