3 Ways To Utilise Your Smart phone And Bag Yourself A New Job

There is no question that smart phones have changed the way a lot of industries work. In fact, they’ve changed the way we interact with each other in a huge way. One of the most interesting developments for many is how the recruitment process has changed.

Long gone are the days of making an appointment with a recruitment specialist, turning up with your CV and going through your options. There are more ways and methods available, literally at your fingertips than there ever was with an agency.

Here are some ways you should be utilising your smart phone to help find employment, switch career or even find that dream job you’ve always wanted.

Browse on the Move

With a smart phone you have the ability to browse the web on sites like Linkedin recruitment and Jooble from almost anywhere in the country, so you’ve no excuse. You can keep on top of any new job offers instantly, and send off your CV at a touch of the screen. Make sure you are familiar with your browser on your phone and how to bookmark sites. The default browsers are not always the best, you can download Chrome or Firefox apps if you want a universal experience.

Use social medialooking for a job

This is an important one. A lot of people think social media means funny pictures going viral,the and keeping up-to-date with your friends’ status. While these points may be true, there is a more useful application for social media. You can use it to build a profile and portfolio of your work, display it to countless people, and attract job offers.

LinkedIn is the best example of a recruitment specific app. By filling out all of your details and keeping your work experience up to date, prospective employers can come across you while searching the database. Sign up here.

Download apps

Putting all of the games to one side, there are a lot of very useful apps available to download. Each recruitment agency usually have their own app, this makes browsing their vacancies a lot easier. You can also receive alerts and other notifications like you would an SMS, keeping you up-to-date.

There are also educational or information apps that can help you to land a job. You can learn some new skills, or become more clued up on the industry you want to work in whenever you have a few minutes down time. Some great FREE apps are ResuM8, where you can get help creating your resume, and both Jobcentreplus and CV-Library are great sites for job hunting.