Which 2014 Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life?

For developers such as Apple, Sony and Samsung, having the best smartphone battery life is practically the Holy Grail.

The most common complaints from customers who rely on their smartphones on a daily basis is that they don’t have enough life. After all, these devices have become an enormous part of how we live, allowing us to do ordinary things in a way we could never have conceived of before, but even the most acclaimed phones tend to cut out before a full day of moderate use.

Developers have, therefore, been making an effort over the last few years to make their smartphones have as much battery life as possible, allowing customers to browse the web, use their apps, take photographs and utilise social media for as long as they can. 2014, in particular, has seen a lot of new smartphones increase their battery capacities in order to achieve this. But which 2014 smartphones have the best battery life? We took a look at the top five.


5. EE Kestrel

It is difficult to gauge the exact level of battery use with the EE Kestrel as, frustratingly, users have to rely on a battery icon and not an exact percentage number. However, there is one thing we do know: the battery life is very powerful in the UK network provider’s device. It might lack quality in other areas but the 2000mAh battery can give you 12 hours of regular use (such as web, games, music and messaging). Those who do not use their smartphones a lot may even see this time increased to around 18 hours. That said, large tasks such as 3D gaming will have a massive effect on the Kestrel and will send your battery plummeting at rapid speeds.


4. iPhone 6

One of the most common criticisms of the iPhone 5s was that its battery life was far shorter than its competitors, clocking in at between just six and seven hours. Significant improvements were made for Apple‘s newest release, the iPhone 6. The smartphone should now last between 14 and 16 hours under standard use which includes a few phone calls, some messaging, moderate data use and a handful of photographs. There are a few things that keep this from being the smartphone with the best battery life though. For instance, watching a film in high definition will take it to 50 per cent and its performance for games is not as good as other phones. However, it still makes for a massive improvement and once again puts it in the same league as its major rival, the Samsung Galaxy.


3. OnePlus One

It speaks volumes for the OnePlus One smartphone that people have seen it as a challenge to drain the battery life in one day. The budget mobile device that has specs to compete with all the major players in the market, from Apple to Samsung, has been the subject of much hype for the last few months. The speculation was heightened by the fact that you had to be invited to purchase it, adding to the perceived prestige of this tech item. Early word on the phone is that it is up there with the finest, and that also extends to its enduring battery life which can give you at least 18 to 20 hours of standard use.


2. Sony Xperia Z3

Sony made a bold claim when it was preparing to release its latest smartphone, the Xperia Z3. The tech giant said the device would last a whole two days with average use (calling, browsing, music. photography. etc.) making it the best smartphone for battery life. Usually, the final product is unable to meet the ambitious claims of its developers. However, with the Xperia Z3, Sony were right. Packed with a 31000mAh battery, customers can get over 24 hours of life from the handset without having to worry about switching on the battery saving mode (which could even get you another day’s life if used correctly).


1. Samsung Galaxy S5

However, the very best smartphone battery life comes from the Samsung Galaxy S5, which boasts a powerful 2800mAh battery that can keep your smartphone alive for up to two full days of frequent use. 90 minutes of video will kill just 15 per cent of your battery, several hours of gaming will impact it even less, and the phone can even withstand around ten hours of internet browsing. The smartphone is also praised for Power Saving, a feature that adjusts the processor clock speed and screen brightness to limit power consumption. It lets you restrict background data too and even turn your screen black and white in order to reduce energy. Furthermore, there is Ultra Power Saving on the Galaxy S5 which limits your phone to just six of the essential apps including phone, SMS messages and web browser.

Photo by Japanexperterna (CC BY-SA)