11 New Year Tech Resolutions You Should Stick To

So, you’ve made your News Year Resolutions. Did you decide to lose weight? Get fit? Perhaps pay off debts? Well, how about adding some tech resolutions to your list? After all, most of our lives revolve around the stuff.

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with technology. Some of us may also have some pretty bad tech habits, but sticking to these resolutions could really improve your connection to the things that make your everyday life run that much smoother.

Use more tech to help organise your life

If you’re still making to-do lists on paper, and often find yourself in a panic; searching for reference numbers, statements and other important information, you need to make this New Year resolution. There are so many apps these days that can help you get, and stay organised. Virtual places where you can keep important information that can easily be accessed at the touch of a button. Evernote and Google Keep are among our favourites.

Have a big clear out

One thing that makes our lives more hectic than they need to be is clutter. It doesn’t have to be the kind of clutter that you trip over in your house. Clutter exits on your computer, inbox, and even your phone. So have a look through all your files, emails and apps. If there’s any that you don’t need or use – delete them. You don’t want them cluttering up your life. It’ll not only free up space virtually, it’ll free up space in your mind, too.

Organise your inbox

Speaking of your inbox, once you’ve deleted all of those emails you don’t need – organise it. Email accounts are much smarter than they used to be. You can create folders for different kinds of emails; personal, promotional, work, etc. Oh, and while you’re at it, those emails that you class as spam – label them as such, and you won’t be bothered by them again.

Dominate Facebook

Oh Facebook – The crux, yet also the bane of everyone’s lives. Do you even know who your friends are on their? How about the pages you’ve liked? No wonder we get all sorts of random pictures and videos on our news feed. It’s time to weed out the bad ones – the Facebook friends you don’t know or speak to, and the nuisances that are clogging up your news feed.

Change your passwords regularly

Most people are probably guilty of keeping the same passwords for most things. It’s just so much easier to remember. However, with more and more people being hacked these days, it’s vital that we nip this habit in the bud. Change your passwords as regularly as you can, and try to have a variety of passwords for different accounts (just make sure you keep them safe.)

Regularly scan your PC and update anti-virus protection

A head technician who fixes computers for a living at North Lakes PC Repairs claims that computer viruses are evolving all the time, so it’s important that you update your virus protection regularly. You should also do weekly scans of your computer, just in case any have managed to slip through your firewall. Make it one of your resolutions.

Be vigilant when connecting to public wifi

Although it’s nice not to use up the internet on your phone, it’s also extremely dangerous to use unknown public Wi-Fi. Do yourself a favour and turn off roaming, or just say “no” when asked to join a network that you don’t recognise. It’s for your own safety.

Sort out privacy settings on all social networks

You must have heard all the news about privacy settings – apparently we’re being spied on. There is some truth in that, so one thing that is simply a must for everyone in 2015, is to check your privacy settings on all of the social networks you use. You’ll be surprised at what actual privacy you have. Make sure everything is super private, and always read the small print if you can find it.

Clean up your digital trail

Through the years, we’ve all joined random sites, and made blogs that we don’t use anymore. It only becomes a problem if people come across something you wrote when you were younger, or embarrassing pictures you uploaded. Make a point of tracking down these sites and deleting your old accounts.

Make sure gadgets are properly turned off when not in use

Another one we’re all guilty of. Leaving anything plugged in can eventually break it, and all sorts of things happen when you don’t shut down your computer properly. It also wastes a lot of energy and money throughout the year. In 2015, be mindful of this, and turn your gadgets off properly. Oh, and don’t just hold down the power button on your computer – sacrilege!

Spend less time on your gadgets and go outside

We must include this last one, because although we do love our technology, it’s important to get fresh air and see the world outside of our computer screens. It’ll definitely make you a lot happier and healthier in 2015.