10 People Who Should Just Stay Away From Technology Forever

We all know one; that person who think they are a tech wizard but really has no idea what they are talking about. At the best of times, they can be a mild annoyance. At the worst, they can be a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

However, even the biggest technophobes will surely cringe at some of the pictures posted every day on the Reddit board Tech Support Gore which documents come of the most atrocious things that IT support technicians have seen over the years.

Here are ten examples of horrors they have witnessed from people who should really just stay way away from technology forever:

1. This might be a convenient way to discard your rubbish, but it certainly isn’t the best idea


2. We’ve seen knotted cables before but this is taking it to a new level


3. What not to do when you travel abroad. Like, really, just don’t


4. Do you not have a long¬†enough cable for your computer? This probably isn’t the best solution


5. There’s a point at which you should just throw your cable away. This person went way past it


6. If you have to use your laptop while cooking, maybe try not to put it on top of an electric hob


7. Next time it starts to rain, save a prayer for the person who set this up


8. We love Oreos and understand the temptation to eat them wherever you may be. But over an open disk drive? Come on


9. What’s that? You’ve got a scratch? You should probably cover that up with a plaster. Oh, wait, you meant on your laptop screen?


10. Let this be a cautionary tale: give your laptop some TLC from time to time, okay?


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Tech Fails 2016

Yes, we’re back! Once again, we’ve visited our favourite subreddit to update you all on the wonderful world of tech fails. All pictures and stories courtesy of r/techsupportgore.

Moral of the story: don’t give kids Macbooks!

tech fails 2016

This photo comes courtesy of u/getiqsteve who says he works for a public school and all the kids Macbooks look like this! who knew they bent that way!

“Please restore my computer, it has important documents”

tech fails 2016 house of cards

A panicked customer came to u/sulkyloanwolf97, asking him to recover his important documents, aka House of Cards.

When your heart shatters just as much as your iPhone…

tech fails iphone

Poor, poor u/sebimon3. He said ‘So my iPhone kinda fell on the floor today’…did it fall, or was it pushed?

“Well, it works with iPhones right?”

tech fails 2016 macbook

u/Halpthefan has had a run of bad luck. His parent’s house flooded, taking his beloved Macbook with it. Don’t worry though, the ‘rents have got it covered.

Those new wireless phone chargers can look pretty confusing…

tech fails 2016 charger

Ah don’t you just love kids, u/Grnslv. Using your new wireless phone charger as a coaster. At least the cup has a lid!

Think twice before you store your phone in your bra…

tech fails nexus

U/thetortureneverstops said ‘boob sweat 1- Nexus phone 0. Ladies, you might want to start wearing clothes with bigger pockets.

Please don’t try to fix your iPod yourself…

tech fails ipod

U/undefinedent said that his friend came to him after reading an online tutorial, where it said that blowing compressed air into his iPod could fix a dusty home button. Clearly, this was not the case…

Plot twist: owner of the iPod u/ChingChongJon came forward to the post and was subsequently well and truly roasted by his Reddit peers.

Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘half a job’…

tech fails half

U/Defnotgelodicus said they weren’t even sure how to approach this one. Whatever you do to fix it, don’t do it half-hearted, hey?

Mind your step…

tech fails gameboy micro


Poor U/Peterharaguchi’s Gameboy Micro got stood on…is anyone else seeing the resemblance here?

When even the printer knows that it’s the end…

tech fails printer

U/Silkychar’s work printer stopped working…even the printer knew that it had come to the end of the road. RIP, dear friend.

For more gory technology fails, visit the r/techsupportgore subreddit. Enter at your peril, if you dare.