10 Cool Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Iphone 6 Could Do

So, you’ve got it – the iphone 6, complete with IOS 8. It’s all shiny, sleek and brand-spanking new, and you’ve vowed to protect it with your life (assuming you haven’t dropped it yet.)

IOS 8 has some great features, but do you really know your new smart phone inside out? Here are some cool tricks you probably didn’t know your iphone 6 could do:

Respond to texts without unlocking your phone or closing down your current app

You’re 3 minutes in to watching an epic youtube video about crazy cats, and are rudely interrupted by a text message notification. It’s pretty urgent, but you don’t want to shut down youtube, open the text message and then reply – that’s far too much effort. No problem, because now you can respond to texts quickly and easily without disturbing other activities. You can probably figure out how to do that.

There’s predictive text in the keyboard and you are able to use third-party keyboards 

They’ve finally caught up with android and have pulled the restriction on using third-party keyboards. Those who haven’t used these before are in for a treat. Texting becomes an enjoyable process; you can type faster, get more accurate predictive text and type words by swiping instead of touching, making for an altogether more pleasant experience.

The iphone 6 also comes with ‘quicktype’ which provides intelligent suggestions based on the text message you received and the word before. Very clever!

Send self-destructing video and audio messages

It seems apple have taken a leaf out of snapchats book, as now you can send videos, audio recording and selfies galore, safe in the knowledge that they’ll self destruct within a given time. From the messaging app, hold down the camera button to take a photo. Any photos sent from here will self destruct after 2 minutes. Just remember the lesson we all learned from snapchat…

See which apps use the most battery

For many, fast battery drainage is a problem, and often you can’t put your finger on why. With the new iphone 6 you can see exactly who the culprit is and close the applications, or at least keep tabs on the apps that tend to drain your battery. Just go to Settings, General then Battery usage.

Speak to Siri hands free (if your charger is plugged in)

If your phone is charging and it’s all the way over there, but you’ve got a burning question that you want to ask Siri, what do you do? Well, just go ahead and ask her. There’s no need to touch the screen when your phone is being charged. Just make sure you say ‘Hey, Siri’, or you could look like a crazy person. Enable hands free Siri by going to Settings, General, Siri and make sure that the switch for Allow ‘Hey Siri is turned on.

Scan payment cards to auto-fill data

When purchasing items online, it can be a real hassle to input all of your information, especially on a small iphone. Fortunately, a new feature in Safari with iOS 8 lets you scan your card using your camera, instead of entering your number manually. It’s the little things.

Block Google from tracking your searches

Every so often we need a little personal help from our friend, Google. However, Google keeps a little diary of everything we’ve searched, and sometimes we’d like a little confidentiality. You have the option to get that with the iphone 6, as you can block Google from tracking your searches. Phew!

Take time-lapse videos

This is great for artsy folk. It’s a little addition to the functions on the iphone camera. If you so wish, you have the option of taking a time lapse video. Set it up anywhere you like and let it capture life. It’s a fun little tool to add to the family.

Recover deleted iphone photos

Accidentally deleting photos is probably one of the worst things that can happen in our young, narcissistic lives. But next time it happens, don’t panic because there is a way you can retrieve them. In the Albums menu, just tap on Recently Deleted, select the photo you want and press Recover. On the flip side, those photos you really want to delete will still be floating around somewhere, so be careful what you snap.

Enable Grayscale mode

Everybody loves turning their selfies into black and white images, but how about turning your whole iphone Grayscale? No?  Well it’s a little trick that some people just might love. Just go to Settings, General, Accessibility, click on Vision and turn on the Grayscale option.