Apple Contact Number

0843 557 4521

Why Call The Apple Contact Number?

Reasons to call the Apple contact number include:

  • Needing assistance with setting up your new Apple iPod, iPhone, iMac, Macbook, iPad or iPad Mini for the first time
  • Resolving a technical issue with your Apple product
  • Insuring your Apple product under the Applecare service
  • Accessing your Apple account or recovering your unique Apple ID
  • Help with software updates or purchasing additional apps, features or accessories for your Apple product.

Products & Services of Apple

Apple are a leading US multinational hardware and software company, famous for selling a range of computer and handheld devices including the iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad Mini, iMac and Macbook.

The iPod is a range of portable music players that enable users to listen to music and watch movies on the go. Content can be purchased and instantly downloaded from Apple’s exclusive iTunes store, and some of the devices can hold up to 64MB worth of songs and movies. Some are also touchscreen operated and come with internet/wifi capabilities. Users can choose from Touch, Nano, Shuffle or Classic, and from a range of different colours and capacities.

Apple released their newest iPhone models in 2013, which were the iPhone 5S and 5C. The 5C was intended to be a more ‘budget friendly’ version of the 5S so that more people would be able to afford the highly coveted device. The phones include features such as ultra fast wireless, an 8MP sensor iSight camera, and the latest 0S7 software. The newest iPad, the iPad Air, was also released in 2013 along with the second iPad Mini, which comes with a retina display. To find out about current iPhone 5S availability, customers can call the Apple contact number.

The iMac and Macbook are Apple’s answer to household computers and laptops. iMacs are often used in business environments for their secure and reliable performance, and by designers, illustrators and photographers for their visual capabilities and ease of use.

Apple supplies a range of accessories for all of its products, including removable storage, extra cables and adapters, earphones, skins, covers, cases, speaker docks and more. Every product is also compatible with Apple’s exclusive app store, which enables users to use their devices for almost any purpose.

A Brief History of Apple

Apple is a multinational corporation headed in California, USA. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, and was initially named Apple Computer Inc before Jobs dropped the word ‘computer’ when he released the first iPhone in 2007. It is the second largest information technologies company in the world, after Samsung Electronics.

The first Apple computer was hand designed by Wozniak before the company was incorporated the following year, in 1977. It later went on to innovate the Apple Lisa and Apple Macintosh computer models, and dabbled in a number of failed consumer products such as cameras, portable CD players, video consoles and TV appliances. Apple was eventually brought back to profitability in 1998 with the release of the new Macintosh – the iMac – and the rest of their success is history.

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