Number to Contact Anglian Water

0844 453 0175

anglian water contact number

Anglian Water is a water management services provider. You can contact Anglian Water to report an issue with your water supply, pay an outstanding bill or find out more information about smart water meters, as well as inform them of a change of address.

About Anglian Water

Anglian Water is a water provider based in the East of England. It mostly provides both drinking water and wastewater services for areas such as Suffolk, Essex and Bedfordshire. However, it’s drainage and sewage services are leased to a wider area, from the Humber in the North to the Thames in the South. Currently, the company has around 4000 employees who help to serve six million customers, making it the largest water provider in England and Wales. The company was founded under the Water Act 1973 as one of several regional authorities which took over local authority water providers. In 1989, the company was privatised and became Anglian Water Services Limited. Back in 2011, they were named number one in a list of ‘worst water polluters’ by the Environmental Agency following approximately 300 incidents. However, the company have recently changed their mission statement in order to ensure that they take steps to improve their impact on the environment. For more information on this, call the Anglian Water phone number.

Alternative ways to contact Anglian Water

You can also contact Anglian Water by post at:

Anglian Water
Customer Services
PO Box 10642
CM20 9HA

Or you can contact them by messaging them through the Anglian Water website.

About your water supply

The region in which Anglian Water operates is one of the driest in the country. Yet, it’s estimated that Anglian Water customers use 1.1 billion litres of water per day, enough to fill up to 440 Olympic swimming pools. The water is supplied to customers through 38,000 km of water pipes after being treated at one of 143 water treatment works spread across the region. Through careful resource management, Anglian Water has one of the lowest leakage rates in the world, providing their customers with information on how to not to waste water in order to ensure that they use their supply wisely.

What water recycling services are provided?

Anglian Water treats a billion litres of used water each day and every year they spend around £7million removing sanitary items such as wipes and cooking fat from its pipes. It’s estimated that more than two thirds of all sewer blockages are caused by people putting things down the sewers which they shouldn’t. If you think your sewer may be blocked, call the Anglian Water customer services team.

What is a water meter?

A water meter measures how much water you use, so you only have to pay for what you use. It’s thought that on average, customers of Anglian Water who have a water meter fitted save £100 a year. The meters also save water, an important factor when it comes to living in such a dry region.

How can I pay my water bill?

There are now more ways than ever to pay your water bill. These include:

Direct Debit- Automatic, monthly payments taken from your bank account.

Credit/Debit card- You can pay your bill with every from of credit card except American Express.

Online/telephone banking- You should contact your bank to set this up. You’ll need Anglian Water’s bank account number, which is 90011916, as well as their sort code which is 20-43-63 and your own nine digit account number, taken from the front of your bill.

Post Office- To pay at the Post Office, rip off the slip at the bottom of your bill and take it to your local Post Office, where you can then pay by cash or cheque.

By post- Use the address: Anglian Water, Payment Centre, PO Box 10643, Harlow, CM20 9HB to pay by post.

What happens when I move house?

Anglian Water aims to make the process of moving home easier for you. Before you leave home, make sure to read your meter and make a note of the number. If your new home has a meter, be sure to read it on the day you move in- this is so the supplier can give you an accurate bill. You should also tell the provider details of your new address and your previous account number.

Where are the water parks?

Anglian Water has several water parks, where visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as watersports, or relax with a spot of fishing or birdwatching. The parks are at the following locations:

  • Rutland Water Park
  • Graftham Water Park
  • Pitsford Water Park
  • Ravensthorpe Reservoir
  • Taverham Mill
  • Alton Water Park

What does Anglian Water offer businesses?

Anglian Water is dedicated to serving commercial customers. They work with businesses across all industries to help them understand how they use water and how to reduce their consumption. You can even track your usage minute by minute by installing one of the company’s smart meters.


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