Adrian Flux Contact Telephone Number

0843 658 0867

Adrian Flux Contact Telephone Number

Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline. If you’ve got a query about your current car insurance policy, the Adrian Flux Contact number above will connect you to Adrian Flux.

Other Adrian Flux Contact Numbers:

Adrian Flux Phone Number
Head Office  0843 658 0867
Adrian Flux Complaints  0843 658 0867
Customer Services  0843 658 0867

Adrian Flux Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Adrian Flux Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Adrian Flux Insurance Services
East Winch Hall
East Winch
King’s Lynn
PE32 1HN

Reasons to contact the Adrian Flux Head Office Contact Number:

          • If you are unsatisfied with your Adrian Flux experience and wish to complain
          • If you need to enquire about a service from Adrian Flux
          • If you have been charged for something with Adrian Flux which you did not purchase and wish to complain
          • If you wish to make changes to your current insurance with Adrian Flux
          • If you are unsatisfied with the customer service that you have received previously through Adrian Flux

Who owns Adrian Flux?
Is Adrian Flux good for young drivers?
What are the cheapest cars you can insure with Adrian Flux?

What Products and Services Does Adrian Flux Provide?

Adrian Flux Insurances Services are a large insurance broker. They are most well known for their car insurance. To find out more about the car insurance, call Adrian Flux Contact.

What makes Adrian Flux unique is that they provide insurance for owners of classic and vintage cars, as well as convincted drivers. These drivers may find it difficult to get a policy with traditional insurance companies and this is where Adrian Flux comes in.

Home insurance is also provided for second homes and landlords, as well as the standard policy.

Adrian Flux also offer van insurance for vans used for hobbies, for example amateur musicians.

The company has been in the insurance industry for 35 years and is based in Norfolk with 500 employees. The headquarters themselves are a historic mansion where cartoonist Sir Osbert Lancaster once lived.

Adrian Flux Insurance

Adrian Flux was established in 1973 by Mr. Adrian Flux. He was a fan of modifying cars, but could never find an insurance company to cover him, so he started up his own.

In the 90’s, the company became well-known for providing insurance to the “boy racer” subculture of young men with powerful cars. To cater further for this market, Adrian Flux created “The Flux Babes”, a group of young women who actually worked within the company to promote the insurance policies.

The Flux Babes are still a part of the company to this day, and recently brought out a calender.

Adrian Flux Car Insurance

Adrian Flux offers car insurance for a wide selection of different types of cars, including:

        • Standard Cars
        • High-Performance Cars
        • Classic and Vintage Cars
        • Modified Cars
        • 4×4 and Off Road Cars
        • Kit Cars
        • Imported Cars
        • American Cars

There are also discounted schemes offered for young drivers, mature drivers and convicted drivers.

Adrian Flux have more than 35 years of experience in the Car Insurance industry. Their tailor made policies can include features such as:

        • Legal Cover at no extra cost
        • Limited mileage discounts
        • Agreed value discounts
        • Discounts for club memberships
        • Laid-up cover for your restoration projects
        • Cover for modifications
        • Breakdown cover that includes the EU
        • Cover for learner driver
        • Cover for convicted drivers

Adrian Flux understands that whatever the kind of car you drive, most other insurance companies will look for any excuse to send your premium through the roof. That is not how Adrian Flux works.

By offering a personalised service, rather than a computer operated robotic response, it allows other things to be considered alongside the age of the driver, the vehicle and so on.

Their team of specialist insurance brokers can help you to save money by making the quote suit your needs, rather than charging you extra for having a car that doesn’t fit their requirements.

It is important to remember that you won’t find an Adrian Flux quote on an car insurance comparison websites, because the staff are trained to underwrite risks on an individual basis. This means that the rate you are offered will reflect a truer set of circumstances, rather than rushing to assume a worst case scenario.

Adrian Flux Home Insurance

Home Insurance from Adrian Flux is offered for a number of different situations, including:

        • Household Insurance
        • Landlord Insurance
        • 2nd Home Insurance
        • High Value Insurance
        • Non-Standard Insurance
        • Flood Risk Insurance
        • Listed Building Insurance
        • Keycare- Replace lost Keys and Fobs.

Adrian Flux has become known as one of the leading providers of specialist home insurance in the UK. By working and dealing with more than 30 insurance broker companies, you can rest assured that they will find you the highest quality affordable buildings and contents cover, whatever your circumstances are.

Van Insurance

Adrian Flux Van Insurance covers a range of different types of vans that includes:

        • Standard Van Insurance
        • HGV Van Insurance
        • Pick Up Insurance
        • American Van Insurance
        • Tippers Insurance
        • Refrigerated Van Insurance
        • Hobby Van Insurance

Van Insurance from Adrian Flux can be altered to suit your needs and include features such as:

        • Legal Cover for no extra cost
        • Discounts for limited mileage
        • Lower prices for agreed value
        • Discounts for having club memberships
        • Laid-up cover for restoration projects
        • Cover for any modifications
        • EU Breakdown cover
        • Cover for those who are learner driver
        • Cover for you even if you are a convicted driver

Adrian Flux is one of the specialist companies in the UK for commercial vehicle and van insurance. They work with insurance to make sure you can find tailored commercial vehicle and van insurance that works for any situation your in.

Even if you have faced difficulties in the past relating to finding a competitive van insurance price, Adrian Flux will consider your case. This includes modified vans, past driving convictions or if your work involves you regularly having to carry hazardous materials.

Bike Insurance By Adrian Flux

Bike Insurance from Adrian Flux is offered through BikeSure, who provide cover for:

        • Motorcycles
        • Scooters
        • Mopeds
        • Quads
        • Classic Bikes
        • Bicycles

By taking our motorbike or scooter insurance through BikeSure you can trust them to find a competitive motorcycle insurance quote for you that will provide a good standard of cover.

As BikeSure is a specialist motorbike broker, it works by comparing prices of motorcycle insurance from a wide collection of providers and find the deal that suits your individual needs best.

As it deals with more than 40 insurance schemes, you can be sure you will be able to find one that gives what you need.

Other Insurance From Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux also gives:

        • Camper and Motorhome Cover
        • Park Home Insurance
        • Driving Instructor Insurance
        • Travel Insurance
        • Pet Insurance
        • Caravan Insurance
        • Gadget Insurance

You can also take out insurance extras, such as Flux Rescue Breakdown Cover and Keycare, the provides replacements for lost keys and fobs.

Postal Address and further contact details

You can also contact Adrian Flux by post at

Adrian Flux Insurance
East Winch Hall
East Winch
King’s Lynn
PE32 1HN

Or you can contact them through the Adrian Flux website.

Adrian Flux FAQ’s

Who owns Adrian Flux?

Adrian Flux is run under Adrian Flux plc. The company specialises in car insurance.

Is Adrian Flux good for young drivers?

Adrian Flux is great for young drivers or first time drivers who are looking for insurance. Head over to the Adrian Flux website to get a quote on car insurance

What are the cheapest cars you can insure with Adrian Flux?

You can insure any car with Adrian Flux, simply type in your registration and you will see the types of insurance you can purchase through Adrian Flux

About Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is a large insurance broker in the UK. Employing over 1000 people, they are well known for their insurance deals on premium cars. Below is a recent video uploaded to the Adrian Flux youtube channel. For more information on the company, ring the number above and we will put you through to a member of the Adrian Flux customer service team.


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